Just bought perpetual license


I’ve started doing the monthly harmony advanced subscription 2 months ago, I finally saved enough to buy a perpetual license. Now that I have bought it, how do I activate that license so that I’m not still paying the monthly subscription? Thanks in advance.

Use the license wizard

One thing you should probably do as well is also pay for the Silver Support for your Harmony perpetual license. They (Toon Boom) are probably due to release a new version of Harmony at some point this year and if you don’t have that Silver Support you won’t get the update for free. The monthly subscription has that Silver Support as part of the plan, the perpetual license does not. Just a heads up on that.

One thing I’m not sure I understand about purchasing the Support for the updates is if it’s indifferent if you buy it 11 months before the new version or on the day before it comes out. If it was like this, maybe the price of an upgrade should be the same as the support…? But maybe I’m missing some of the logic in this.

Luis Canau

Well, I think the Silver Support option is the way to go if you have the perpetual license. I finally got Harmony with version 12, the premium version in April of 2015. Then in April of 2016 I bought the Silver Support which goes for $295. I believe it was in July of 2016 that Harmony 14 was released which was the next version. If I didn’t have that Silver Support with my perpetual license I was looking at having to pay significantly more for the upgrade. My Silver Support ended this month and I just renewed it again for another year. So, if Toon Boom releases say Harmony 14.5 or 15.0 later this summer, say August or September, I get that update. But If I just let my Silver Support just lapse and the new version comes out then I probably am looking at paying half the cost of the full version in upgrading.

I guess there are pro and cons when you decide to either do the subscription or buy a perpetual license, but from my point of view, I think the perpetual license with the Silver Support is the cheapest way to go over the long haul.

Say you went with the Harmony Premium annual desktop subscription and it cost you $876 a year. The Silver Support is included so you get the free updates and are always current. Over a 5 year period you would end up spending $4,380.

But if you paid for the initial perpetual license of Harmony Premium for $1975 and then paid for the Silver Support each year at $295 that 5 year total comes to $3,450. So you save $930.

Over the course of 10 years you see greater savings. The person with the desktop subscription would have spent $8,760 whereas the person who bought the perpetual license and paid for the Silver Support each year has only spent $4,925. That is a savings of $3,835 over a 10 year period.

At least that is how I understand it and make sense of it, maybe others can chime in with their perspective or correct or clarify my logic.

OK, I just found this “Please be aware that you cannot renew support if a new release of software has been announced after your support contract has lapsed unless you first upgrade to the new version.”