Just bought PencilPro and ZIP file fails to expand

I get an error telling my the MacOS .zip file is damaged.
i’ve tried it on 5 different Macs with differing installs of Leopard and Snow Leopard.
The trial worked.
And it does not install. any ideas of how to open the zip file?

I am seeing the same thing.

$ unzip -t PCPro_V1-mac.zip
Archive: PCPro_V1-mac.zip
End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
the last disk(s) of this archive.
unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of PCPro_V1-mac.zip or
PCPro_V1-mac.zip.zip, and cannot find PCPro_V1-mac.zip.ZIP, period.

Thanks for the reply! Amazing that the PC version has the same problem the Mac version has!! Now I have some evidence that it is not just my computer. This is not the first time TB downloads have failed. They need to pay their owners less and hire more techs. They failed to doubled check the file can download and open. Merely compressing into a ZIP file is not good enough.

I have told my bank’s credit card to put the payment into dispute as “services not rendered”. This is not even, “product does not work as expected”, there simply is nothing delivered!

I’ve sent emails to sales which was returned as undeliverable. However the tech support went through.

They should FedEx a disk overnight to me IF they want to be paid.
My order # #44946

My posting was from a Mac. I was using a terminal session to capture error output.

I had one prior issue over several years with Toonboom & it was resolved promptly via support email. I hope that is your experience.

I have great respect for TB tech support but since using Harmony which has a lot of problems, I have found that they are undermanned so to speak. There seems to be more people selling than making and fixing. But I do not claim to know the numbers exactly.

The problems i have are that i work nearly every single day year in and year out. They will be back for one day this week before being away for a long weekend. This is not good but i’m happy for workers when they get holidays: I don’t have the luxury.

If they had the proper quota of tech/geeks they’d have double checked that the zip file would open and reveal the installer. Better still they’d not have it zipped but .dmg

Happy 2012 by the way!

You guys may well have been working over the holidays but I assumed that as your switchboard said you were not: that you were all on a well deserved holiday. However, that did not help me if no one replies…

My tetchy response was by no means to suggest anyone was being lazy or that TB was not a first class operation.

My ire was brought on by having purchased a product because of the discount but also because at that time I had a great need to have use of it.

Your amazing products are a vital and important part of my work. Without my copies of Studio, Digital Pro, Story Board Pro 1&2, Animate Pro and 2 license of Harmony I’d not be able to work. I have been a loyal customer for years because your software is so good!

I have two computers HP Z800 12core and a MacPro 8 core dedicated to rendering Harmony and Maya files together. My other MacPro has Animate Pro, my HP gaming rig has the latest Studio and my MacBook Pro was going to use the Pencil Check Pro.

I am working alone on a one hour non narrative take on Fantasia. So I can get cranky when something from TB, so vital, stops working or fails to even install.

Indeed it’s a credit to your company that your software is so important and that good I’d complain. Bad software I just forget about. Be worried if no one makes demands of you.

TB has changed the face of animation and enabled small studios such as mine to compete with larger companies.

I have high regard for the software designers and staff of TB and I apologize for any offense I may have caused BUT I could have really used Pencil Check Pro during the Xmas and New Year break.

Thank you fo fixing the download.

Belated Happy New Year! And I look forward to buying your new software.

The zip problem was discovered yesterday by our team and fixed - you should try to download again but if you’re having issues please email support@toonboom.com, that is the fastest way to get a response. They were working over the holidays.


Thank you for the kind words!!

Happy holidays to you too and I look forward to seeing your project when it’s done.