Just bought harmony - Is there a download button or has it been shipped?

I just paid for for Harmony Advanced - Monthly Desktop Subscription - Silver Support, and there was nothing I read that said whether or not I download it or wait for a disc to ship. Maybe I just missed it but I can’t figure out how to download it.

Sort of desperate because I need to do an animation test for job as soon as possible, and today is my only open day.

Thanks in advance!

Click on your user name here look under downloads there is a category for subscriptions. I have experience exclusively with perpetual licenses so I am not sure how subscriptions work but I suspect you will have a link under subscription once TB processes your transaction. Good that you went for at least Advanced if not Premium. Have fun. Discs are obsolete and ended when Studio was discontinued. All are downloads nowadays. I do not know but I suspect this is manually processed and not automated so you may end up needing to wait for the business hours of operation for the process to be handled.

Thanks! I found the download link

Also, considering your urgent need, you at least used to be able to do what you need to do using the Trial Download. The files created with it would be available to you to use with your paid license. The software expires but the files generated are the same as those created with paid licenses. …at least this is how it has been in the past. So for anyone else in a similar desperate situation there you go…but confirm this with TB first of course.