Just bought Harmony Essentials very basic questions here about installation process

I just upgraded from TB Studio to Harmony essentials, how do I verify that I’m using a perpetual license and not a subscription? I ask this because TBS seems to want to get trough my firewall as if they are monitoring use of the product.

I also got the license key when I made the purchase, but never used it to start using the product. Once I entered my e-mail and password during the installation prompts the system was ready. So I’m wondering if I mis-read the instructions and probably start the system as a subscriber, not a owner.

I am also thinking to buy a surface pro (maybe) later, I have the product now on my desktop, what will I have to do if want this on a second machine later?

Thanks for your help.

One way to know what you have is to consider how much you paid for the software.

I only have experience with perpetual licensed software.

Toon Boom does want to monitor your use of the software but this is done with your consent. When you install the software you are presented with the opportunity to participate or opt out. They do this to better understand how users are working with the software and the objective is ultimately to improve the product.

You can have the software installed on both systems but only one activated at a time. You have to go through a process whereby you “return” the software license on one system then activate it on the other. This is done through the License Wizard. It is more or less checking boxes in the Wizard. Turn one off then turn one on. You don’t actually return your license to Toon Boom.