Just bought AP3 crossgrade & can't activate it - please help.

Hi all,

Ya know, i wasn’t going to post this thread because i didn’t want to bother anyone here with this, but i don’t won’t to wait 3 or so more days to get AP3 up and running, which i thought would be a simple matter right after the purchase, but here i am posting, and that with anxiety so high it’s about to choke me :). Just kidding, but i would like to get some work done on it. I mean i just finished ‘going around the mountain’ with 2 other companies a few days ago, now this.

My problem (this is the email i sent support Fri morn):

Hi, i just bought a A2 to AP3 crossgrade. Animate 2 is installed on my old XP partition (dual boot system) yet i want to use AP3 on my main Windows7 OS.

So, i installed AP3 on Windows7, but since AP3 won’t activate unless A2 is installed, i went ahead and installed it, yet it won’t activate, nor will AP3 (should i have ‘unactivated’ A2 on my other OS first?).

Please help and much thanks for your time.

I sent them this Fri morn, yet they didn’t reply back all day - they were probably busy, it being their 20th anniversary and all.
Thanks for bearing with me guys. ANY help would be SO appreciated,


Well, I don’t think Animate 2 has to be installed to activate Animate Pro 3,
even with a cross-grade-licence ?

First, you have to deactivate the Animate 2 license. (then you can uninstall it)
If you have uninstalled Animate 2 without deactivating the licence first,
contact the Toon Boom Team via e-mail or phone that they do it for you manually.

Then activate Animate Pro 3.


I’ll just wait till support gets back in Mon, because i’m getting an error when trying to deactivate A2 on my XP partition (i think i accidently deleted my LMTOOLS folder). Thanks for the help though Nolan!