just bought Animate, some work I did in the PL version

I’m gonna be straight up. I tried toonboom after seeing the creator of Ren and Stimpy mentioned it on his blog. I never really heard of it before then.

I hated it at first. It was tons more confusing then flash and I felt as if I cheated the program to make it do what I want. I’ve been using it since February when I broke my ankle and decided to get back into animation. But now I’m more comfortable with it and I love the brushes. I’ve warmed up to it and I actually think it’s the best program out there now.

Anyways here’s my link to my instagram. It’s not art only, it’s my personal page. I’m not begging for followers or likes for that matter. If any of you are interested go take a look at some of the animations I’ve done since February.

I’m currently working on a several minute long pilot as I like to call it, about aliens and whatever they do.

Any feedback positive or negative is welcomed.