Just a question regarding line tool.


I’m new harmony user.
I know it is easy to find gap between lines in simple character but what if the character or design is so complicated with many lines? Is there any easy way to find gaps between lines and close the gaps or I just have to do manually by checking each n every point ?

Help me plz.


Wether you can close thé guapa manually with thé close gato tool (under the paint bucket) or you can close them automatically.
Select the layer you want, go to drawing/cleanup/ close gaps. Then a dialog will prompt, and you can increase the gap size to close. As you drag the slider, you can see the strokes closing gaps.
If you cannot, enable the show stroke by pressing “K”.

Hope it helps.


Under Help in the top menu bar is “Online Help.” Select that. Once there type in “close gap” or simply “gap” in the search field.

You could watch every video tutorial available and ask questions here or elsewhere but if you want to get to where you can produce an animation with Harmony you need to utilize the documentation at some point.