Jumpy XSheets?

Every now and then when I’m editing an xsheet, the xsheet jumps in its view, like scrolling up or down a few lines, which is very confusing. In my opinion, and by the Apple User Interface Guidelines, the xsheet should stay in position, unless the user explicitly scrolls up or down. Any clue what is going on here?

I ve the same experiences and very annoying. This problem occurred in Animate 2,but not in Animate 3? It only happened when you clicked inside the xsheet. If you have the xsheet opened and navigated with the timeline, this seem to solve the problem. But sometime, we need to work inside the xsheet and the only solution to this is using the keyboard . (stop) and , (comma). to locate the current frame after it have loss its scrolling. Hope that’s help.

I think I’ve noticed that myself, although at the time I thought I did something to cause it. But now that you mention it, yeah there’s something up.