Jumping Pivot Points

Hi, I’m trying to rig a character and when using the Pivot point tool, the limb jumps. I then used the advanced animation tool, with the animation button off, and then move the drawing in it’s appropriate position. But the next drawing on the time line moves drastically. I’ve tried reposition drawings, selection tools and moving the limb, but the pivot point continues jump. I’ve also added a peg to my limbs, individually, same issue.

Assuming no animation is done to your rig yet, one thing to try is to select the layer giving you problems, and then hit Remove All Transformations to clear out anything you may have done to it while building. Your artwork may jump after doing this. From here, using the Selection tool (not the Transformation tool) to grab your artwork and put it where you want it. Then set your Pivot point. While animating, use a keyframe to define a new Pivot for any new drawings that may not be registered to your original artwork (ex. a special hand pose for a particular inbetween and so forth).

Hope that helps!