Jumping arms in imported rigs

First of all, I d like to say that Ive been working on TB harmony 11 for 2 months and I havent had time to solve all my problems I noticed. So now I m going to spam a little bit on the forum and try to solve as many of them as possible :slight_smile:

I hope you forgive me that and I hope, that I won’t double any existing topic.

So this time i have a problem with my characters arms when importing rigs to the scene.

After import on some frames the arms are jmping back and forth for no reason (there is no keyframes there).
The solution is really easy, but a little annoying. I have to move the arms peg and then ctrl+z and hands are on their place and not moving anymore.

I saw that problem also in TB AP2, but like i said, I dont have time to solve it.

Do you have any idea what causing that?