jump to frame

This is an easier one I think: Anyone know how to jump to a certain frame in drawing? I can scroll, but this involves a bit of hunt & peck. I can also switch to scene planning. That a little easier, but still not super smooth, plus it adds the step of switching from drawing to scene planning. I’m wondering if there’s a function where you can just hit a smart key, enter the frame number and boom – you’re there. That would be sweet.


Use the exposure sheet to associate your drawings to a specific frame. As far as how to get to a specific frame on the timeline or the exposure sheet just click on the desired frame. If the frame is not visible you may need to use the scroll bar of the panel to make it visible so you can click on it. -JK

Thanks JK - I find the scroll function on the exposure sheet to be pretty clunky - not good for shooting to a specific frame immediately. But I hadn’t thought to view the timeline while in drawing mode – that’s a good idea, and if I stretch it to fit the screen, I’ll probably be a click or two from getting to a desired frame right away even if it’s hundreds of frames away – thanks again!