Hey all, back again with another short animation clip featuring another one of my characters, Julius. In this clip he scares a smaller fish! As always, any feedback is welcome, particularily constructive criticism.


Also, a very short clip of my Hoversaurs characters animated to a very short clip from A Clockwork Orange.


I look forward to the replies!

Man you nailed that fish running away. That was really excellent.

I also really liked the character in your second one.

They were very short, but I have no criticism of them!

Wow, thanks so much! Very encouraging to hear such feedback. :slight_smile:

I agree with TheRaider. The fish that got spooked is awesome!!!

if you have a character like the green fish; that has parts that simply don’t animate, make those parts obviously solid like a shell or something.
i didn’t see the little fish until i read further in the forum, i watched it again and thought “OMG how did i miss this great little fish”