Julius Snack Time!

Hey everyone, here is another clip I animated today.

I haven’t uploaded anything in a while, but I want everyone to know that I am definitely working on an actual short film! It’s very exciting.

I hope you all enjoy this little ‘shnippette,’ and I look forward to any comments!


your work is very good, as always, loved the art!

the only thing i may say is from a layout point of view. Julius is sort of dissolved in the background and foreground you have him in. the lines are thicker than his outline. there isn’t enough contrast between them. my eyes didn’t instantly spot him when his head appeared.
i would have 1) made the lines of the background/foreground thinner or increased the thickness of Julius outlines 2) maybe desaturated the background’s colors a bit or changed its colors completely to show more contrast with the colors of Julius

i love your work, you’re really good, can’t wait for the whole thing to finish!

Cute!! I love your character designs.