Hi there, I am new to this forum I saw a post in a similar vein but its been dormant for 2 years.

I was hoping to use Toon Boom to generate JSON files, in a similar way to the Lottie / Bodymoving workflow for After Effects, but employing Harmony’s better animation tools.

Is there any existing TVG > SVG > JSON functionality inside of Toonboom or any forthcoming plans to implement any?

Thanks for your help


Saw an old thread about TVG and had some more questions about it.

Is it a good/safe site to use as an occasional bettor?

Does the sit include race programs/info on races?

What are the minimums on deposits and withdrawals?

Have gotten into sports betting over the past year, and been reading more and more about horse racing over the past few months. Always liked betting at the track, so figured I’d give online a go. Any insight would be great!

myccpay account