jpegs not going in anymore

???something about pencil check pro has changed for us for some reason. we don’t know why?! we can no longer put our jpeg scan files/images into pencil chck pro like we were doing just moments ago. restarting the computer AND the program does not fix it. it feels unstable and frsutrating. please help.we get alerts like “bad allocation” then > "Application Error: The exception Illegal Instruction. An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction. (0xc000001d) occurred in the application at location 0x0f0c479f. Click Ok to terminate the program."Please e-mail us,, and advise on how to move forward so we can see our animation’s pencil test. Thanks Toon Boom!

Is it possible that the application is running out of memory? How big is your scene file? Is it many frames, with many layers?

You can always email for further help with your issue - that is the fastest way to get a response.