joining scenes

After completing several scenes is there an easy way to join them together in Animate, without converting them to .MOV and doing it in quicktime pro ? or doing it in Flash ?

Most of people including post production use editing software to join scenes together. Animate is more designed to do the animation, but not for postproduction.

Been trying to do it in Animate by pegs, converting to symbols etc but it’s very messy. Thanks anyway.

Depends how much control you want to have with scenes because you could export them as a sequence of images with no compression or loss. Then in another “master Scene” you import all the different scene’s outputs as a seperate layer. Then you can position all the frames to follow one another. For example scene 1 it 47 frames long so it goes frame 1 to 47, scene 2 is 10 frames so you put it at 48 to 58 in a different layer, etc.

This technique would not allow you to change camera moves or edit animation easily since you are working with final images.

If you need to keep stuff more editable you could maybe create a master symbol in each scene (it would contains camera info also). Then create a template from that symbol. (you have to reimport that symbol in a new layer temporaly to be able to create a Template from it). Then in the “master scene” you can drag all the scenes’ templates into it. Now if you need to change something you can always go inside the symbol of each scene, edit and save.

It would create a mega master scene but if that is what you want. Be aware that to try to do a QuickTime of a huge “master scene” might taxe your systems ressources espacially if you are working in HD. You might need to render a sequence of images and then combine into a final Quicktime.

Thanks Steve
But like I said I tried these methods and it’s very messy ;D

Yeah believe it or not that one reason is what’s keeping me from using Animate or digital pro. Easier for individuals who want to just see how the entire animation flows together when u have a scene manager. I still wonder why they took that one vital part out of the program. Im pretty sure it has nothing to do with scene size because toonboom/flash would have that problem if that was the case. I guess we’ll never know

One of the reasons is that when working on bigger projects you are often more than one person working so to have all the scenes in the same project is not easy to share because if I open the project nobody else can open it at the same time unless you have a sophisticated way to lock parts of the project for one user and not the other ones.

i animated an opener with a camera, selected all layers and dragged them into my library. then i thought i could put the symbol of the opener back into my master-timeline but somehow the camera is lost … the peg is still there …

i wonder why …

thanks for your help!

maybe its really easier to export the single scenes and do the editing in final cut or whatever.

Yeah, thats what i’ll be doing from now on…sigh :’(

hi guys,
i understand it’s maybe not exactly an animate question, but anyway:
i have a few scenes (from studio and animate) for my portfolio that are either in 12fps and in 25fps (pal).
the premise is to do the final product small for web purposes, so i intend to do the scene joining in swf, but, as the scenes contain effects, over image sequence exports.

i know i can experiment by myself, but i’m gradually running out of time. does anybody here know some good way to put the final product together?
thanks in advance.

I’m using Final Cut and After Effects. However it would have been nice in the PRO version to have the added bonus of adding one scene easily to another for roughing out a storyline. At the moment the above is not perfect.

I really like AnimatePro over DP. So no gripes just a suggestion to give us an add scene button.