Joining Panels blows away camera move

When I extended a short with additional panels and joined them to the previous panel, the action blew away the fielding that I had set with my camera move. Is there a way to add additional panels to a scene and not disrupt the camera?

I’ve solved part of my issue. If I want to insert a panel within my scene, I first import the new panel as a scene in my timeline. Then I can drag the panel where I want as long as I move the camera keys away from the area I’m changing. And then I can drag the camera keys back to their original location. Clumsy, but it works.

I still don’t know how at add panels to the tail of a scene and not have to redo my camera move. What I’m trying to do is join two shots together with a pan and have a foreground element/layer pan across as a transition. to hide the seam of two bgs.

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are you using the latest version of sbp?

when i add a panel at the end it automatically stretches the camera over the newly created panel.

is this how it behaves for you?


hopefully i can contribute to finding your solution and learning something for myself as well. i hope you don’t mind.

i see from your other post you are trying to import a jpg from outside of sbp
did you import it as a scene or layer?

i find that if you import as a layer it doesn’t affect the camera at all and will just stretch the camera over the new panel

one thing i see when importing jpgs is that you no longer have alpha channels.

wondering if the white can be deleted. i’ll start a new post for that

actually i just found the answer. you can import it as an alpha if you check it off in preferences.

It’s the “Join Selected Panels” function in the storyboard pull down menu that does this for me.

So when you add a panel, how does SB Pro know that you’re adding it to the selected scene? Maybe instead of importing the panel as a scene and then trying to “join it” I should be doing something else?


I should experiment more with layers. Do you know off hand if you can animate a layer as the same time as doing a dissolve between two BG layers? I tried one a while back as a test, but I had to complete one before the other began.

One other question…when I play in the timeline and move panels around by clicking and dragging to the new location, SB does the move, but bounces me back tot he beginning of the timeline. Is that a pref that I can turn off? It’s annoying to have to search for the spot I was working in after swapping the order on a drawing.

you want to keep the animation at full opacity but dissolve the bg’s.

that would be a nice trick but i don’t know. would be neat to find out. will look a bit into at in the afternoon. i suspect it may be beyond the capability of sbpro though i’m not sure. i would suspect something like after effects would be able to do that. there might be a workaround in sbpro though. off the top of my head i wonder if you can add animation after the transition. if the dissolve is rendered at export it won’t work but if you can do a manual dissolve i’m sure you can animate at full opacity over it.

the timing thing after dragging frames i’m not sure of. did you search in the manual? maybe if sbpro has a bookmark function you can use that to get back to where you want.

you can transition between your bg’s by manually doing it.
to do this you would have to decide how many frames you want for your transition and then break off that # of frames between your two scenes
then manually adjust the opacity up and down respectively.

so you are not actually using the transition tool but manually forcing the effect.
this is probably klunky but seems to work if you have no other program like after effects to do this.

i don’t see anywhere in the manual that transitioning layers is part of sbp4 functionality, so this is a workaround.

did you know you can add a snapshot marker to essentially bookmark your spot?

you can do this by right clicking and choosing “add snapshot”

you’ll still have to manually click on the arrow to get back to where it is and i’m not sure it goes to the exact frame but you get to almost exactly with one or two frames.

When I add a panel and then use the Join command, it blows away the move. Maybe there is another way of doing it than “import image as scene” and then joining it. Yes?

I’m a week or two away from getting back to the this test, but I will try your suggestion.

What was specifically doing in my story reel was a x-dissove between a nighttime BG and dawn BG while panning. Then at the tail end, I had a helicopter pan in on a layer and scale back into the distance. So all three things were supposed to be happening at once.



that sounds great. very cool to hear how others are using this tool. hoping we’ll get some more activity in here to inspire people to share. if you haven’t noticed this forum is needs a little more life. hopefully all toonboom users are just too busy making money to be checking all the time!