Join command

I’m using the pencil tool to draw and would like to join two resulting endpoints that are currently just overlapping (similar to Illustrator). I searched the help files for “join” but it came back empty.

Is this possible? If so, I could use some direction.

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This THREAD should help you resolve your issue.

Also another way to merge lines, in version 3.5 you can move the center line shapes into the desired configuration where they connect, then select the center line shapes and use tools>convert lines to brush then with them still selected use tools>extract center line and you will have a single centerline shape. One other thing for this to work all center line shapes that you want to combine need to be the exact same color, that way when you convert them to a brush shape they will be merged. -JK

PS: There may be an easier way, I am just not aware of it at the moment. Of course if you draw your lines originally with draw top layer “on” then as long as you have them touching as you draw them and they are the same color they will be merged as you draw them.

Hi Will,

If the line is overlapping but is not closed I guess the best solution would be to use the Auto close gap function (for painting purpose). I will see with the software manager if such feature or something equivalent could be done for future version.

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Thank you for the thread link JK. That worked for me, although it seems like a join command would be useful as well. Thank you for looking into this Ugo.