Jittery Movement

i find that when I move characters across the screen, not with the camera moving with them, it is stationary, it seems like the characters are moving a bit jittery.

is this normal?

i am using version v4.0 on a Mac.


Evan Jacobs

I suspect that you are using tweening on a motion path for this animation and that you are trying to move your character too far too fast. In other words you are not allowing enough frames for the action. By increasing the number of frames between your motion keys you will smooth out your action. You can also do some fine tuning with function curves but your first step most likely would be to add more frames to the movement. I hope this helps you. -JK

Thank you kindly, JK.

I use the camera to follow the characters a lot, so this is something I only notice when the camera isn’t moving and the characters move in front of it.

Thank you again,