Jerky Motion

I’m having weird jerky results with motion paths (interrupted motion).

An object moves smoothly A to B as a non-constant segment. It stops with a constant segment, then with the motion tool I create another key frame at B and another at C and move the C red circle to the final chosen position. I make the segment non-constant and the motion is continuous forward.

This is the weird bit. If I move the C key frame in the timeline so the object arrives later at C, when I step through the motion the object occasionally freezes. This gives rise to a jerky motion. I have tried moving the key frame in the timeline and deleting the key frames and starting again. But to no avail.

Is there a solution?


The behavior you are encountering usually happens when you have setup a velocity curve on your element which is constant at some point in the graphic. Be aware that the Velocity always need to be going up from 1 to 100%. A constant velocity would actually mean that the element needs to be at multiple places in the same time which is causing this jerkiness.

If that is not the case then you might want to send us the scene so we can analyze exactly what is going on.

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