jerky motion

Hi All, not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I have the camera on a peg slowly pannying left, and a horizon graphic slowing panning right, but when played back, the horizon graphic looks jerky, but other layers that pan in the same direction as the camera look smooth.

Any ideas - thanks


is this only when you playback in sceneplanning mode, or even when you’ve rendered the animation as a flash or quicktime etc file?


Hey Chris, It’s both.

Hi webe3d,

Try changing the frames per second setting to 24 or more instead of the default 12. It might be plain old persistence of vision that is causing the jerky looking camera pan if everything else is working okay…

Best of luck,


Hi Burton,

I guess I should have listed my frame rate and all. My fault.

My default is 30 fps, my pc has dual processors, 2 gig of memory and 512 on my video card, so there should be enough pc.

maybe your background image is too big? how many mb does it have?
and have you imported the images for your background one by one?
have you imported one pic and then set the exposure to as many frames your background requires?
have you tried to use your library for storing images?
just a few thoughts…