Jerky camera movement

This has happened to me more than once and I am stumped as to how to fix it.

I have a scene that is about 1000 frames long at 24 fps. During the scene, there are some camera movements, cuts, pans, etc., maybe 4-5 total. At the end of the scene, I want the camera to slowly pan down over a period of about 150 frames. I set the first keyframe, move over 150 frames in the timeline, set another keyframe and reposition the camera using the non-constant setting. When I play it back it is all jerky. If you go through frame by frame, it moves a couple of frames, stops for two, moves, stops again, etc.

It should move/pan a bit each frame and be smooth, right? So my question is, am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of TBS or what?


If you do the same camera move at the beginning of your scene are you getting the same behavior? Also I just want to confirm that when you flip from frame to frame you also do notice the jerkiness. If that is the case try to go to the function editor in the Velocity tab of your camera peg and make sure that the velocity is always going up from frame 1 to 1000. If it reach it’s peak at frame 850 then lower then the keyframe so it will only be at 100% at the last frame of your scene.

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Thanks, Ugo! I think you got it!

When I did a similar zoom at the beginning of my scene, it worked just fine. I used an ease in/out velocity spline and could adjust it using the little nodes at the beginning and end of the movement. For the camera move at the end of the scene, I could see the nodes but could not move them up or down, only left to right, which of course, didn’t effect anything.

I had noticed that each keyframe produced a marker in the velocity graph of the Function Editor, and that they went up vertically throughout the scene. I kind of wondered what this vertical movement indicated but had also noticed that if there were a series that were horizontal I couldn’t manipulate the nodes and splines.

Until your reply, my workaround was to manually move the camera frame by frame, keyframing as I went. A little painstaking but results in a smooth move.

Thanks again for your reply!