Japanese Fonts

I’m working on a series in Japanese and need Japanese fonts. Read somewhere that Toon Boom doesn’t support Asian fonts, so this feature is needed.

you can input Japanese in notepad, and copy them to ToonBoom software, use Text tool in ToonBoom, and change font in tool properties view.
I’ll do that, because I am Chinese. I need input Chinese font sometimes.
because Chinese, Japanese & Korean font also double byte.
but should notice: ToonBoom project files path is still only in english file path! do not support the other languages file path.

Hi Loong,

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t see it until today. I found out, you don’t need to type into notepad but can type directly into Harmony. The problem I had was that my Japanese “fonts” weren’t installed in the Harmony fonts folder. Once I copied a font, I could input as usual in Harmony.