Jagged line quality? Why?


I finally opened TBS to give it a serious look. I have the full leaded version and was a bit taken back by one thing right off the bat. The line quality is choppy and jaggy. I tried changing the settings in the preferences, but it still seems that way. Tell me that this cannot be true. Tell me that there is a way to work with anti aliased lines! Please! Anyone?

This is the PC version.

I wonder what you are doing. I’ve used TOONBOOM on several machines and have never seen the problem you describe. On renders, the lines are VERY SMOOTH and anti-aliased.

I wish I could help. Have you tried the program on another machine?


I found that the pencil took is really jagged no matter what mode you are in. The paint brush looks find once it is rendered but if you used the pencil tool, it has pretty bad pixelation.

I learned this the hard way and I’m having to go back and re-draw my main characters with the brush.

I’m on a PC as well so I don’t know if it is a Mac vx. PC thing.