Jagged Edges on Moving Objects?

I’ve made a movie with figures and one of them has somewhat jagged edges, vertical edges because it’s a standing figure that’s moving, gesturing against a moving background. It looked great on my production monitor, FC Pro, etc., but didn’t when I burned it to dvd. I’ve tried all sorts of things with the authoring, changing the bitrate and filters available too, but still can’t get rid of the jaggies. Any ideas about what I should do? Thanks so much!

Is there a background? If there is not a background this happens sometimes. If there is not a background try adding a white background.

Yes, there is a background, a video background that my figure is in front of and the figure in question was processed with million colors+ so that it’s a transparent layer.

Does this only happen when you render it or is it also happening in the program?

This is noticable after burning a dvd and watching on a TV/analog. It looks fine in ToonBoom, in FCP and DVDSP which is what I use to burn. I also used Toast.

Now, I am trying a change of color for her jump suit because it looks like the artifacting or whatever it is is around the pink of the jumpsuit. There’s a black outline and then a pinkish fill. The pink is not real bright, but slightly muted.

THat sounds like an issue with your burner. If it only happened after burning it. Try playing with some of the settings on your DVD burning software.

I already have.

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I have no idea what the problem might be.

That’s too bad. I was hoping someone would. I think it has something to do with interlaced artifacts and this can occur sometimes with motion illustrations and drawings. There must be someone at Toon Boom who knows about this in relation to burning dvd’s for output to TV.