Jagged brush strokes

so I downloaded the trial for Animate Pro 3 and this happens

left stroke is animate pro 3, then I took a screen cap, put that to photoshop and made the brush stroke on the right. so you can see that in reality my strokes are smooth

so what’s up? I’d rather not buy a full version until I get that fixed


Please give yourself a chance to learn about the software instead of jumping to conclusions.

Generally, Photoshop is used to manipulate a surface. There isn’t anything going on behind it like rigging, motion or deformation. It is vital to the work that you see immediate and accurate results on screen. Comparing Animate to Photoshop is apples and oranges.

Animate uses Open GL. As with 3D software, you don’t judge the final output by the work-in-process screen representation. It helps when the work-in-process is a representation that provides the information necessary to be productive. But the final output is going to be superior to the stages leading up to it. You have posted a screen capture of the work-in-process representation. Did you export anything to an actual image file?

What you see most likely can be improved with hardware and settings.

What hardware are you using including the operating system and graphics card?

here, fully rendered exported pic. just as bad


I’m a Windows user, I use Wacom Intuos Pro as the drawing tablet

Please describe the graphics card you are using and other hardware in your system.

Is that made using the Pencil Tool or the Brush Tool?

EDIT: (I was thinking of a different post so have changed this a little)

With the Pencil Tool selected go to the Tool Properties window enter 10 in Minimum and 20 in Smoothing, draw a few lines then show the results you get.

Johnny that looks like an OpenGL screen render rather than an actual render.
So you are in-effect comparing a thing with itself. Try menu-File-Export-Images… instead.

Also, what was the smoothing setting of the tool you used?
And as Ampy asked, what’s the graphic card on this system?
Also important, what’s the project resolution?

It was a problem with the drawing tablet settings, managed to fix it (double clicked the tablet picture in the preference menu, switched it from “standard mode” to “recognition data”)