I've lost all my drawings in TB!

I saved my file, made a back up, then disconnected my computer so i could move it. Now, when opening my TB file all the drawings, except a very few, are gone (the layers and cells are still there, but the drawing view is blank). I got a message when first opening my file which said something about not finding a drawing file (or something). I’ve checked in the drawing folder within the TB-file folder, and there is nothing there. So I checked my back up, and the same thing happens there! Which makes NO sense!

How can I find my animation? And why is TB so senitive to computers being moved? I dont get this…

I’m really in deep shit if this problem isn’t solved, so please help!


Would it be possible to know which exact software you are using?

Moving a machine should not affect your project in any matter, moving the project itself though may. Basically if there is some kind of fluctuation in the transfer it is possible that some files may be lost.

This being said, I am not quite sure what could have had happened. Did you notice that the save took more time then usual when you last worked on your project? Also, did you wait some time after closing the project or did you press save and closed it right away.

Could it be that the version of the project you have is an older version of it or are the elements that are still inside the software from different work session which couldn’t have made a single saved version?



Hi; thanks for your reply!

I’m using TBS 4.5

I have not moved my project, just copied it on to an external hard drive, then I shut down the computer.

I didn’t save my project at all since I hadn’t worked on it that day. I cannot recall having any problems saving the day before. The very few drawings which is still there are the last drawings i did, so it can’t be me just forgetting to save. I’m pretty paranoid about that anyway. The saving process always goes like this on my machine: I press save, I get a notice that TB is saving certain drawings, then most of the time TB freezes in a way (it will say (not responding) on the top bar). But after a while its all back, and the finalization starts and complete. Is this abnormal?

And yes, I just remembered; I renamed the top folder (not the folder which my TB file is in, but the top one (this is hard to explain). The folder system looks like this:

>Main project folder (this i renamed)
>>>>Toon Boom-file

Sorry this sentence I’m not really sure what means (I’m Norwegian so you would have to excuse me :slight_smile: ): “Could it be that the version of the project you have is an older version of it or are the elements that are still inside the software from different work session which couldn’t have made a single saved version?”.

Can I still find my drawings though?

This is probably not your issue, but there is the possibility that the last time that you saved your project you inadvertently or unknowingly saved it to a different drive or directory and therefore have multiple copies of the same project in different states of completion on your system. I suggest that you search your entire drive storage system for additional copies. Just a suggestion. -JK

I have search the whole computer for the missing files but couldn’t find them. This is so strange though. I’ve checked previous versions I’ve saved, and the problem occurs there as well; the last frames I drew are still there, but the rest of my animation is gone.

I guess its all lost then?

(please say no!!!)


Was the folder in which the project was renamed while you were working in the scene or after/before the last time you worked in the project. If you did it while the project was under work it is quite possible that you would end up with only the drawings you had done on that last session.

Have you tried to look on your computer for files that have the name of your missing drawings?

Concerning the actual saving of your project, how long does it usually take? And how long is the project you are working on? (total amount of frames) Is it long for you to save brand new projects too or is it only a problem on this ongoing project?

One thing you should make sure of is to always work locally on your machine before you transfer your file to the external hard drive. Even though they are safer then a network connection to a server, an external hard drive still is an external connection and any kind of hickup in the connection (be it usb or firewire) could cause some lost of file. Working directly on an external hard drive may also slow down the saving process so it is always best to work locally and move the file after. One important thing in the move of the project is to make sure that you compare the size before the transfer of the project and after (if the new file is drastically smaller make sure it is still correct before you move or override anything).

I would like to tell you your files can still be recovered but unless you find tracks of the physical drawings I don’t think there is much I can do to help you put back the files in the project.




I renamed my folder after the last time I had been working in it, so that should have been ok.

I cannot find find any of my lost drawings on my computer.

My scene right now is about 300 frames long and I have imported a couple of images. The saving goes quick when I first start animating, but when the file gets heavier its more unpredictable how the saving will go. Sometimes its still quick, but sometimes the computer will hang and not respond for a while, and then still be saving. This is probably connected to working on the network, no? I’ll save my file locally from now on.

I’ve realised the animation is all gone, so I’ve started from scratch.

Thanks for all your replies though!

Yesterday, I was working in Toon Boom when the program froze up. It began the “Not Responding” process, (would you like to close this program or wait to respond.) Of coarse I had experienced this problem before and closed the program only to find all the data deleted even though I knew I had saved several times. I haven’t closed it in fear it will erase all my work. It wouldn’t matter to me so much if it were not a project for school and I have already gotten so far on it. I just really need some help. (I am using the latest version of TB, and a windows 8) If you could help that would be great.

its all gone. Damitt!!! I was working on my project for months when this happened. I am not even going to bother restarting
at least its not as bad as adobe crash i mean flash which is what I used to use