it's NOT shows properly

himy script in Tamil language, am using Latha (unicode) font ,when i paste my script in storyboard script area it’s NOT shows properly…pls help me.

Hello, First of all, when you paste your text in, do you have that font installed on your computer? Does the font show up in the font list in the “Text” tab? Does the text only not show properly when you export to PDF, but also in Storyboard generally?If it’s in Storyboard generally, could you please send a screenshot? You can upload your screenshot to a free site like photobucket and post the link to it here.Thank you, ~LillyToon Boom Support

Thanks for your great help.This is the screen shot… you.

Hello, Could you verify some information for me? What operating system are you running on? Is it XP? Also, what version of Storyboard are you running? You can find this out by going to Help > About… and it should be written something like 8.7.2 (xxxx)Could you please check the following settings in your operating system. Open up the Control Panel, and go to Regional and Language Options. Here, in the Languages tab, click on the Details… button under Text services and input languages. Is Tamil checked as one of the keyboard inputs for your operating system? Make sure it’s selected here.Now switch to the Advanced tab. There is a drop-down box under “Language for non-Unicode programs” - is the language selected here Tamil? What may happen is if the language is not Tamil here, some of the information may be lost when you try to copy and paste from notepad.Also, can you verify for me, are you able to type into Storyboard in Tamil - i.e. is it just the copy and paste that doesn’t work? Or do you also have problems typing text directly into the box?~LillyToon Boom Support