It's heeerrree!

Wake the neighbors, call the kids. Check your e-mail and the Toon boom store page.

Not a dream, not a hoax, not an April’s Fools!

It’s 2 good 2 be true!

happy happy joy joy!!


i don’t get the price politics, though.
i crossgraded animate1 from studio 4 for a $500, now the a2 crossgrade prices at $330 and the upgrade itself is at $250, without any patch chances for a1.
is this a way to handle the customers? or am i missing something?

Haha, have fun all u Animate users! I’m feeling a bit left out… C’mooooon Animate Pro 2! :wink:

After I have loaded Animate 2 and I click on the “Get Kick-Start Videos” button it takes me to the Animate 2 web page. Is the Kick-Start Video available for download on that page a new one for Animate 2 or is it the same one from the original Animate?

I haven’t even gottent that far yet. I wonder do you have to unistall 1 and then install 2 or can we just install 2 over it?

Get ready TB, this is the start of a barrage of dumb questions ::slight_smile: but I feel like a genius for upgrading at $199.

Heck, I pre-ordered it, and got the email today but I can’t even download it. :frowning:

No you don’t have to uninstall. You are meant to be given a temp vaildation for 2 for 15 days until you return the animate 1 vaildation. However once you return the vaildation code for 1 you won’t be able to use it anymore.

On the patches I totally agree. This feels like a patch to me and charging $200 felt a bit extreme for a minor upgrade (but hey suckers like me paid for it, mainly cause I want to crossgrade to pro at some stage if i can afford it)

I agree with you Gester, Animate v.1 satisfies me and I do not want to upgrade to version 2. I loved that team toon boom fixes bugs from version 1 without having bought the version 2.

Damage to always pay for something that works properly!

Thierry “Digicod”

Doesnt seem like anything major has changed, but for me I love the fact that Animate can handle hd file sizes better with the increase in performance. I also love the Auto Close Gap feature in the pencil tool.

The only really noticeable upgrade is the text tool for me so far.

True. The text tool, maybe some performance enhancements and more export options are the only things I’ve noticed. Hey, the .mov sound seems to sync now! Although it seems like the output resolution you set in the options doesn’t override your project resolution. :frowning:

Honestly as others have said, I’m a bit disappointed. I really think that a lot of these things in version 2 should have been a patch for animate 1.

I guess I am one of the few that actually is pretty excited about this new version of Animate :slight_smile:

Have any of you read through the new manual and actually played with any of the new and/or updated features?

I could care less about the text tool. It is nice that it is there but I will probably use it in a different way. I will dust off Fontographer and make fonts that are just a collection of shapes and objects, sort of like the dingbat fonts but more personal.

No, what I mean is like, for one the new blending effect. To be able to take a drawing and have it blend (Multiply, Add, Subtract, Invert, Difference, etc) with a drawing below it is huge and really opens up possibilities. I have been experimenting with having a Blur effect on the drawing and then have this with a Blend effect. This way you don’t have hard edges but softer ones and you can do some interesting things in layering/compositing. This is a feature that should have been in a patch? Really?

I also love the new feature added to the Motion Blur effect, you know the one that allows you to do particle type animations.

I am pretty excited about this new version of Animate simply cause it seems more stable and less buggy. I had been using Animate 1 for about 3 months before this new version came out so I haven not had a chance to play with effects.

I spent 1 month trying to get Animate to work right, another month pulling my hair trying to figure out how to rig a character, and another month rigging my characters. So here I am now, moving on to Multiplane.

Alex: I guess as long as you have hair you can figure out Animte ;D

Yup, I grew a beard in anticipation for Multiplane.

i don’t intend to upgrade, not for this price. i have studio for text, i don’t need other features.

Well, honestly. Animate 2 should be a fix for Animate 1.
The changes are minor and not worth a 250 dollar upgrade.
If I would be in the toonboom team I would say…Just copy the best assets After effects has for animators and put it in toonboom. The txt tool is a good start, the 3D camera is excellent. Maybe something like the puppet tool would be handy as well. Better maskingtools…etc…