It worked worked Cintiq 12WX & TBS worked!!!

After 2 straight days …with less than 5 hours of sleep …uninstalling and re-installing TBS …I finally got it to work!! After 6 years using TBS …and never …never once experience drawing with the software …comfortably …I got it to work!!

For the first time …ever …since TBS 2.0 I can draw in the drawing view …without a lag, freeze ups or occasional crash!!

The Cintiq 12WX is a cool machine … let me just talk about the cons first:

Their customer service is available 8-5 …Mon to Fri… unreal!! I have a day job, I get to work at 7:00am and rarely get home before 6:00pm!

But thats not my worst gripe … Wacom has the machine giving error messages …its tryingto tell you whats wrong …but Wacom doesn’t try to explain these messages anywhere. Not in the User Manual …not online …nowhere!! Nobody …including myself wants to get on the phone with customer service unless they have to. You designed the system to give the user these messages …come on Wacon …tell me what it means!

The 2nd is …not really a big deal has to do with portability. Because I was contemplating buying another Tbalet PC instead of the Cintiq I had the mindset I could take this machine down to the local Starbucks …like I did with my old Tablet PC. Your not taking this machine anywhere but maybe to another room in the house. If it gets in my car …its because I’m moving. Too many cables plus another interface box to boot!

Ok that said …over the week end I was able to get the Cintiq working with my desktop, using it as a single monitor. With my Tblet PC/Laptop I used it as a 2nd monitor in a dual monitor mode.

From the get go …out of the box it worked seemlessly with Flash CS3 …but not with TBS. I spent all weekend trying to fix this. In fact when I tried to set it up with my desk-top the button to calibrate the Cintiq would not work with their software. It was greyed out.

After 2 hours of trying I started Flash …and walla …Flash hooked up with Wacoms software …and directed me to the calibration settings. How why …don’t care and I’m not asking …from that point on the calibration button was never greyed out!

So now its on to the ardous task of learning Flash CS3 and how to have this complement TBS (or vice-versa). I bought a few books …and now I’m ready to get to work. I hope to God Tomorrow or next week when I start TBS with my Cintiq its still works!!

That’s crazy that you had so much trouble installing it, especially from a reputable company like Wacom. What’s important is that it’s working now, we all look forward to seeing what you produce with it!There was a nice little write up about the new 12" Wacom in this month’s issue of Animation Magazine. They made it sound like the second coming of Jebus, clearly there are still some support issues they need to work out.It’s one thing for there to be a problem, it’s a whole 'nother turkey when the company doesn’t support the issues. That’s why I switched to Toon Boom from the Tab in the first place.

Aww …there is nothing wrong with the Cintiq Machine… I would recommend and encourage anyone to get one. Its costly, but I feel its because there’s just not a lot of people out there who needs this equipment …so they have to mark it up accordingly. And where else are you going to go to get an equivalent machine? But if you have a logon ID in this forum … by all means get one!! My only issue was their not telling us what all the messages from the machine meant. I can’t speak for the durability of the machine yet …but using it is like a dream!!! Yep …the hype is as advirtised!! I am very excited getting it because for years I have languished with all sorts of problems drawing… some of it was my equipment …some of it was TBS!! And I had trouble getting help because when I talk about issues …the over-lords in this forum either try to bump down your posts …by posting new posts prasing TBS …or try to tell you its you or your equipment!!Just look at the site today …I see issues thats been part of my gripe for years! Gee TBS crash when the file size grows … or why not provide GIF format output. Nothing new I lamented about these issue for years! But while I like the set up in TBS …and intend to use it sparingly …I still went out and got Flash CS3 as well. Now the final thing is …to get a decent drawing desk/table and chair/stool set. I have been using these desk and tables from my old studying days …thats really not meant for drawing.