It seems that Toon Boom is making us work harder than needed.

The reoccurring theme seems to be: Anything you once done simply is now more complicated with Toon Boom. You don’t hear that on those tutorial and demo videos.

Simple exercise: Draw a face by drawing half then mirroring it on the other side and connecting the both halves together.

First make a half drawing of a face then copy and paste in place…

Aaaah! No can’t have that that would be efficient and simple. How about making into 3 steps instead of one: Paste then nudge up then nudge left.

Then I want to merge them together for a symmetrical shape.

Select both end points and select merge selected points…
Aaaah! No can’t have that that would be too efficient and simple. How about making it into 9 steps instead of one and that’s just for the outer head shape.

Nudge the 2 endpoints you want to connect one at a time till they make a criss-cross from the other line then select optimize then cut off the remainders.

This is my experience so far.

You’re making it a lot more complicated than it needs to be. It’s only a 2-step process in Toon-Boom.1. Once you copy and paste the second half of the face, flip it and line it up (slightly overlapping the lineart). 2. Then select all your lines and simply go Drawing > Optimize > Flatten and it merges it together as one vector. You can do the same with the color, but it will flatten anything that is selected together into a single shape, so pick them out before flattening.

Thanks for telling us your workflow. I think we haven’t heard these complaints before because most of the people that are working with our software are not using your workflow - they’re drawing the elements whole instead of trying to mirror them.

I’ll bring your feedback to the team.


I think he’s working with pencil lines here, and when you flatten pencil lines, it doesn’t do exactly the same thing. Really to have one merged line, you can select the endpoints with the contour editor, then you can drag and drop it onto the other side with the snap to contour option on, and there’s no need to snap the ends off.

Of course if he’s using brush lines then yes you can just flatten.