It only lets me export .swf files

When I click “OK” in the export window, the progress bar flashes up but doesn’t fill up. Then, when check the destination folder there are no files.

It only works when I try to export a Flash (.swf) file. Nothing else works.

Here are my settings:

This is what flashes up for a split second:

Do you have QuickTime installed on your system ?
If yes, what version ?
If not, download and install:

Yeah, I’m up to date but it still won’t work.

I presume, you already restarted your system / computer ?

Otherwise, uninstall / reinstall QuickTime / then reboot your system again.
Make sure you install all recommended components (if this option is available).

In Quicktime Preferences, do you still have the “Advanced” Tab ?
If so, check enable Flash playback…

I did all of that except in my advanced tab in Quicktime preferences it doesn’t say anything about Flash Playback. Also it’s not really the playback that is my problem, its just getting my toon boom to actually export the file. When I export the .swf file it works and it lets me play it in Adobe Reader, but my .mov, .avi etc. aren’t exporting. Thanks