It just won't install at all (Windows 10)

So I’m trying to make better Videos on my Youtube Channel- which atm I’ve only had Krita, Paint & Microsoft Movie Maker to work with, if that’s any indication of quality.

However since I’ve not tried things like Flash yet- which I’ve heard is hard to transition from Flash to Harmony/Toon Boom, I decided to take advantage of that and just use the Toon Boom Essentials as to get used to /that/ rather than that of Flash, which might just make the transition more upsetting as I’ve seen by others.

ANYWAY, long story short, so I’m on the Trial Version atm, the Essentials, since I’m pretty sure if I spoil myself w the Pro Version and the trial ends, if I do love it, then I’ll just be rly pissed off cause I can’t afford the Pro fees/montly/annual/otherwise, atm at least.

So I downloaded it. Yaay~
I tried to open it up… and got a Error Msg, specifically an Unspecified Error, so idk what to do or how to fix it. I just downloaded that Quicktime thing, still not working.

I have an Alienware Laptop and it came w Windows 10, I’m fairly certain it’s rather up to date, so idk what to do.

Atm I’d just like to get a chance to practice and get a handle on at least a few aspects of the program.


Unspecified error are usually antivirus programs blocking software
from being installed without actually telling you so.

If you uninstall it you can likely install the software (and find a better
antivirus program).