it is possible to use hierarchy with a glue module?

I have spent one day trying to do combinations but nothing seems working to get the wished result, so I write:

I have a forearm and an arm, attached in hierarchy to a body.
I read about the glue module, and then tried to include to create the joins…
is sounds simple, but when I attached it and move the arm, is not woring with the hierarchy.

it is possible to use the glue module to attach an arm and a forearm in a hierarchy form?

this is because If I use the glue module without hierarchy and I move the arm, the forearm is not moved and the glue module is not moved, and the glue drawing changes in size, and also when I try to move both layers together (arm and forearm) it moves to a different pivot, then I try to set a pivot and then the drawings go crazy and moves outside the body area)

so, I am wondering, is it possible to use the glue module to glue hierarchy pegs lie a forearm and a arm?

thans a lot
;D ;D

it seems tha the problem was the bug related to that animate in some cases preserves the deleted animations of frames, (even if frames and keyframes were deleted), fixing it fixes the glue result.
now the glue is working correctly in a hierarchy.