Issues with Storyboard Pro 20 on Apple's Big Sur, M1 chip.

Yes… I was stupid enough to bought a new iMac with M1 to work with Storyboard Pro.
Anyways, here are two issues I found.

  1. When you turn down the opacity on your layer (even down to 99%), your layer becomes invisible. It’s NOT erased, it just becomes invisible. Because you can see it in thumbnails of timeline and layers, and it’s there when you export the board panels.

  2. When you UNDO (command + Z) three times in a row, your brush tool turns to lasso tool. This doesn’t happen every time or often but once it does, the chances are getting higher. However, this didn’t bothered me much because when this happens, I just hit spacebar and everything becomes normal.

I will update more issues as I’m working with the program.