issues with panning and frame by frame animation combo

So what i am trying to do is draw a head for a character, then using the selection tool to move the head from frame to frame. but for each frame, i want to draw the head talking while using the same drawing for the head to keep the same size and shape throughout the animation. but as i use the same layer object and draw new things within the layer, the newly added brush strokes change the layer entirely on each frame. so if i draw the character smiling, then 10 frames later have the character frowning, the layer where the character is frowning replaces the smiling frame. is there a way to paste a layer object and adjust the layer drawing throughout the animation without effecting every frame?

Yep, it’s called “Duplicate Drawing”. Once you duplicate a drawing if you look in your drawing substitutions you’ll see that there is more than 1 (knowing that you successfully duplicated it), and it won’t impact the original drawings. From then on you can keep duplicating the original darwing or the 2nd copy/3rd/etc.