Issues with Onion Skin

I’m working in the latest Storyboard Pro software and whenever I turn on the onion skin feature and begin drawing, my drawing lines end up behind both of the onion skins. I’ve check my brush setting to make sure it was not on draw behind which shouldn’t matter seeing I’m on a completely different panel and I’ve tried finding a setting in the perference panel. But nothing seems to work. When I switch from the brush tool to the select tool the drawing lines appear on top of the onion skin drawing. If anyone understands this, your help would be appreciated.Thanks

I recently experienced the same problem. Technical support quickly helped me. Basically, my computer’s videocard is not up to SBP’s specs. By resetting the preferences, I was able to solve this problem and others I was having. I can’t remember exactly which preference was the problem (I’m not at home where I have this noted) but I think turning on the new camera preferences was the issue. Either way, reset your preferences and see if that works.

Hmm I just tried it on mine and with the Brush tool active, the brush strokes appear in front of the onion skin.

Maybe write in to and see if they have any suggestions.