Issues with morphing imported images.

Greetings and salutations,

I recently aquired Harmony and am still exploring it’s abilities.
For my first project I am attempting to animate objects morphing to music and narration.

I created my desired images in photoshop imported them into Harmony normally. However I commonly get the issue where my images vanish completely when I apply my morphing animation.

Also, I’ve discovered that I cannot use the brush tool to better direct the shape of the in between morphs to better control it’s animated shape change. The brush and the images treat each other like water and oil, the strokes of the brush and the image don’t intersect and combine.

So when the morph takes place the completely disregard each other and the morph shape doesn’t improve at all.

Is it that I can only acquire these large morph changes by drawing everything in Harmony manually? Or is there a way I could avoid doing that?

Thank you.

Ah I see. Thank you very much that saves me a lot of heartache trying to figure it out.

I think i’ll use After Effects as my fallback.

Thank you again.

im almost certain you can’t use the morph tool on imported PSDs or other images. i believe it only works on artwork created in harmony.

This is correct, the Morphing feature only applies to vector information. Raster (bitmap) images cannot be morphed currently.