Issues with importing image/ .png sequences

Hello Toon Boomers,

I am new to Toon Boom (Harmony Premium). I am trying to import .png sequences (250 .png files) into Toon Boom. The files are named numerically (image_01.png … image_250.png). I need the image sequence in this particular order (1-250). I have tried:

  1. import images>create layers>create single layer named>“image”

  2. import images>create layers based on file names


  1. import images>browse>(with mouse) manually select all .png files.

1 and 2 imports only 1 image (and not the sequence)
3 imports all sequence but not in order (1,2,3…250)

In AfterEffects and in TV Paint, it is easy as just clicking on the start image and the program imports the sequence automatically. How can I do it in Toon Boom? I appreciate in advance for your help!

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