Issues With Exporting

I’ve finished my first project, it has a run time of aproximently 3 minutes and I want to put it onto DVD, note that I am working on Windows and most likely will be going through Windows Movie Maker. So I go to export it, having read somewhere about using avi. in Moviemaker I decide to go with avi. When the export fininished, it was pretty bad quality, lines moved weird and stuff. I had also read that the first preview is always bad and you should watch it in Media Player or something first, I tried this but the quality was the same. So then I decided aganst avi. and I went with DVPro (no particular reason) after the long render time it turned out bad quality as well. I don’t want to have to export this a million times because it takes a little over an hour to render each time, so what would be the best approch?



It may not be the actual export but the software you use later on the the resolution your project was made it.

Be aware that if your resolution differs too much from the resolution of the DvD the quality may greatly degrade.

I personally would choose no compression when I am to export to DvD (either Mov or Avi) simply because whenever you do DvD export there is an extra compression applied so to avoid having stuff compressed 2 time I would just keep it as raw as possible.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, I figured a way of using the mov. in a nero software that came on my computer, it worked good and the quality is great…