Issues with exporting from Storyboard Pro 2 to Animate 2

I’m using SB Pro version 2 and Animate 2. The .digital file that I get from SB can be opened by Animate but there are problems.When I export the storyboard and open in Animate 2, the first issue that I get is the following: next issue is that the soundtrack doesn’t play.’m not sure what I should be doing to get the sound to play.

Thanks, Lilly. You can see the buttons at the top of the first image. Do I have them set correctly or are we talking about a different set of buttons?

The sound is working now.Thanks!

A palette recovery window is normal the first time you open up the project. What it’s doing is it’s loading the colours into the scene for the first time, so it’s just letting you know that.

Now when it comes to the soundtrack not playing, do you have the sound turned on in the playback toolbar? There are two buttons on the toolbar that you can turn on - the Mute button and the Sound Scrubbing button. Make sure those buttons are turned on and let me know if you still have an issue.


Ah sorry! I should have seen that.

So you have turned on the Sound button - which means that you’ll only hear sound when you hit the Play button. If you also want to hear sound when you scrub through the scene, then turn on the sound scrubbing button (the next one over, with an S).

When you hit Play, do you hear the sound? What about when you do a Render and Play (the play with the yellow star on it)?