Issues importing templates

I have been having issues with importing character rig templates (that have symbols included) from my main file into another scene. The problem I have is that when I am creating rigs, everything looks fine, but when I hand that rig file to my other coworkers so they can create a template and bring it into another scene, the rig comes out of order. What I mean is that the layer order is not the same, hence body parts are in front or behind when they shouldn’t be. For example, under my main peg, the order should go in order of my head peg, body peg, then lower peg…but with the created template it goes backwards, leaving the lower peg on top and head peg on the bottom. I looked at the template by clicking on edit template, and that rig is out of order too. Sometimes the z axis values doesn’t import properly as well. I use groups when I setup my characters (I have Pro 2) and I my coworkers have Animate 2, so they aren’t able to create groups but are still able to expand the groups and animate whatever is in the group. Could this be an issue? I tried deleting any created groups on my end and gave the rig to my coworkers, but unfortunately still the same issue of out of order.

Another issue I have is having symbols being updated, especially if I import a rig with symbols. For instance, I have a scene and in my library it has “hands01” symbol in there. I bring in a character template which also has a “hands01” symbol in there, but has additional hand drawings inside of it. The imported template will only utilize the original symbol in the scene and not the symbol with the additional new drawings it was suppose to bring in. I tried the holding “option” key and dragging the template into the scene, but nothing happens (I am using a Mac).

I am currently using TB Pro2 and my coworkers are using Animate 2. I am not sure if its because the different versions in software I am having these issues?



Hi Lily,

I understand the steps needed to make a template for both Animate and Pro, the issue is when I hand my character rig to my coworkers for them to create a template from it and bring the rig into another scene, the layer goes out of order in the character rig. When I created a character rig in my version (Pro), make a template of it, and import that rig into another scene, everything looks fine (using the copy character group from network view). However, when I hand in the same exact rig to my coworkers who have Animate, the actual file looks fine, but when they create a template by method of copying the collapsed master peg, the rig gets funky, i.e. layer is out of order.

As for the symbols, I pretty much have to delete any older symbols on the scene before I import the new templates with symbols of the same name, correct? Making templates of just drawings is different for me I suppose, since I’m so used to having jus a container with numerous amounts of assets, like hands, mouth charts, etc… I like that i can jus bring 1 frame of a symbol into a scene without having to bring all the extra drawings, since those would be inside the symbol anyways.

The problem is that your rig contains information that a Timeline cannot deal with. Since Animate can crate a template from only what it sees in the Timeline it will be a partial rig. For example if you bring their template in AP and check it in the Network you will see the difference.

It would be the same problem if you tried to create a template from the Timeline in AP. That’s why it’s always better to create your master rig from the Network. The network can see the composites, group, multiple connections of layers, etc. The Timeline no.

Animate could work to animate the rig you did in AP but it can’t create as complex a rig as the Network in AP or Harmony.

When you create a template in Animate Pro, make sure that you select the character group in the Network view, hit copy, then paste this into the library. Also make sure you have a keyframe on the first frame on all layers to preserve the layer order.

If you select instead the frames in the timeline, when you drag and drop these into the library, this creates an action template - i.e. it only selects those drawings which are exposed, and the keyframes that are shown there. This is used to copy animation information, not rigs.

In animate, instead of copying the character group from the network, you would copy the collapsed charcter master peg from the left side of the timeline. It’s much more robust to do this in the network view if you have it available.

Regarding the symbols, symbols are local to a project. When you create a template, think of that as a mini-project. When you drag and drop a template into a scene, it copies that scene information into the destination scene. If that scene contains symbols, or colour palettes, it will copy in all that information. It won’t override the current information in the scene, though, if that information already exists.

The better way to add new drawings instead of using symbols is to create a template with the extra hands in it, then they can just drag and drop the template onto the character hand layer to add the new drawings.