Issues importing movie files

I have been having recurring issues importing video into Animate. First, I would find that once imported, the audio and video of the clip are out of sync, with the audio lagging behind the video. Now, I don’t even get to that point, as whenever I attempt to import a video, I get a ‘converting video into images’ window and then Animate freezes. I have no other option but to force quit. I tried resetting my Mac but to no avail.

Anyone have any idea what’s wrong? It’s very frustrating as I’m working on a project that requires I animate overtop a video bed.

Thanks in advance,

i experienced this as well. i find the shorter your video the better your chance of having it load without any freezing…please let us know what support says anyway :slight_smile:

Is the video really long and hi resolution? It might be that the bitmaps created takes too much memory. For example if your movie is in HDTV with 400 frames it might push the limit of your system. Try shorter sections of the video if possible to see if that is the problem. It might not be an option but try to import a smaller resolution of your video.

Ok thanks Lilly, I have submitted an email to support. I didn’t get around to it until now as the issues I was having somehow fixed themselves, but now I’m having issues again. So frustrating!

Anyone experiencing similar issues, I have a temporary work-around. If you’re using iMovie, export using Quicktime as a series of images. Then import the group of images into Animate. You’ll have to import the audio separately however. It’s far more time consuming but at least it gets the video in.

I decided to quote this post of mine as this isn’t so much a workaround but a real solution to TWO issues I was having. First, the process of importing a batch of images vs the video file works perfectly. I get the video I need. Second, and this is the best part as I have now discovered, there is no more audio sync issues, which was a separate issue I was experiencing when importing video. So, I actually think I’ll do this from now on and just completely forget about importing actual video going forward!

Hi Mike,

I think you should email in to for this one. They can give you some more detailed help for your particular movie file.