Issues: Cintiq 21UX, Win7 and SBPro2

We have been using for a month or two now the StoryBoard Pro 2 software.The SBPro 2 is on Win7 64bit running on core i3 with 8GB RAM with Cintiq 21UXWe have been experiencing the problem where the Cintiq driver will suddenly disappear and the cintiq becomes unresponsive.Prior to this, the artists will experience serious lag in Cintiq response until the Cintiq becomes totally unresponsive and then the message “THE TABLET DRIVER IS NOT FOUND” comes outThe Cintiq driver is updated. The problem came out also on XP and core i7 machines.We have a group of users who are also using the same Cintiq model (on different machine with exact same specifications above) but they are using it on Harmony and they are not, or at least, very very seldom have the problem described above.The problem seems to come out more on our StoryBoard Pro users compared to our Harmony users.Anybody have experienced this?

I also have the same problem and i have the same exact set up as the guy who posted this post lol :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of this issue before, I’d recommend emailing to see if they have any suggestions.