Issue with rectangle tool

I’m having some issues with the rectangle tool (Animate 2); it seems to not want to appear in the drawing view when ever it’s used but does appear in the camera view. Also, oddly, when ever it’s drawn in the camera view it appears in the drawing view. Just never in the drawing view when it’s used in the drawing view.

just to be sure: is the width value higher than 0? :slight_smile:

What’s your graphics card? I just tried this out myself and had no problems creating a rectangle in the drawing view. All I can think is that this might be related to a graphics card display problem.

Toon Boom Support

I just started using the new Animate Pro 3 software, and I’m having a problem drawing with the rectangle tool. Same problem as the original poster of this thread. I’ll draw a rectangle, but it won’t show up in camera view. Then I’ll switch over to drawing view and it will be there. So I draw a rectangle in drawing view, but it won’t show up until I go to camera view. I have tried switching to “Direct 3D” as some other posts have suggested, but I don’t see that setting anywhere in AP3. Can anyone help?

This sounds like a graphic card problem. If you’re on a laptop plug into an outlet instead of using battery power since using the battery will switch your graphics to lower performance mode. If you have multiple monitors try having only one display.

If you’re on Windows, disable the Aero desktop theme by right-clicking the desktop, selecting Personalize and scrolling to the bottom to select one of the Basic & High-Contrast themes.