Issue with profile mouth shape in TBS 7


I’m quite new to TBS and I’m currently working on a cut out puppet project following online tips and guides.

However there is an issue I’m facing, that has not been addressed by any of the tutorials / tips I have found online.

I have drawn the mouth shapes for the profile view of my character and I can’t figure out how to make the background (head element) transparent when the mouth is open.

Any suggestions are more than welcome.


Hi Fuzi,

Really good tutorial here that should give you all you need on cutters…

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Hi Jason Venus,

Thanks for the reply but it seems that there is no link to click to…

Yeh for some reason this forum likes to eat video links sometimes ( …nudge… Toonboom web wizards :slight_smile: - Its on youtube, i can’t put the full link again as you will have same problem, so ‘imagine’ there is a youtube dot com at beginning of this web address :stuck_out_tongue:

( bit here) /watch?v=LmN7myYbCIc

or search for Kyu-bum Lee on Youtube, worth a subscribe as he has some great tutorials.

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Thanks again for the trouble!

However it seems that the tutorial applies to Toon Boom Animate users and not to Studio.

When it comes to Studio there are limited options which don’t include any network or module panel/view like the ones presented in the video.

On the other hand it’s nice to know that there are some great stuff out there :slight_smile: