Issue with License Activation

I’m having trouble with switching my license and I’m hoping someone might have some advice.

I have two machines: a desktop and a laptop. I regularly switch my license between the two depending on if I want to work in my office on my desktop or if my roommate and I are working together at the kitchen table. Today, I went to return my license from my desktop and activate it on my laptop. However, when I open my License Wizard on my laptop it says my license is already installed. At first, I thought, “No biggie, I must have forgotten to return the license.” But, when I went back to my desktop and tried to open it, my License Wizard said it is also already installed and I cannot open Toon Boom on either machines. I tried to call tech support but I can’t call outside the US on my phone plan and I’ve sent in an email but it would be ideal if I could get this solved before Monday!

Let me know if this sounds weird or you need me to explain more. I can also post screenshots if you need!

Thank you for any help you might be able to offer!!