Issue with importing sound that I recorded.

I have the Essentials version of Harmony 12 and am running it from a Windows laptop. For the first time I am trying an animation using personally recorded narration. Until now I’ve been using non-copywrited music and other people’s voice acting because I’m still just practicing. So in general audio works, but when I went and recorded (and re-recorded, and the recorded in a different program) I found that no matter what I have the file type set as I can not get it to import properly. The new layer appears, the waveform is flat, and no sound is produced even if i render it and play. This is similar to the issue that I had when I first started using Harmony and I could not get any audio to import because i had not installed Quick Time player and i had to go through a whole ordeal of reinstalling everything to get it to work. I did test other audio, I uploaded differnt songs into the same project as the one with my narration and they work just fine, it’s just audio that has been recorded on my computer. I tried with both the windows 10 recorder and converted the resulting .m4a into an mp3 and a wav, and I tried recording into audacity and saving as a mp3 and wav. I do not know what else I can do to make this work. Again other audio is working just find, it’s just audio recorded on my computer, and yes I have tested the narration in other programs it recorded properly and i can hear everything just fine if i play it through a music player.

It might be the audio codec/compressor your audio is using.
Try changing to a different one. If you continue to have this
issue, contact suipoport and send them your audio file for

Stupid question. What is an audio codec/compressor?