Issue with drawing tool (unintentional straight lines)

I’m having this issue with my Storyboard Pro where when I lay down a line with either of the drawing tools, the line will always begin straight. The straight end will be anywhere from half and inch to an inch long. This problem is making it near impossible to use the program in any useful way. Thank you in advance for any help!

This is a late reply, so I don’t know if you have figured anything out yet, but I believe this is a tablet issue. Or are you using a mouse to draw?

I’ve seen this with Wacom’s drivers over the last couple of years, you can look up Wacom Legacy drivers for older ones that should fix the problem.

in wacom properties, select the pen, add a new profile for Storyboard pro. click calibrate. uncheck windows ink. this helped me. if brush makes straight lines again, delete the profile and do it again.

OMG THANK YOU!!! Solved my issue right away. Very much appreciated!!!

Also, Turn off any cloud apps, Google drive, dropbox, etc… syncing can slow down the computer, causing the stright lines. if that doesn’t work, up date your wireless driver. hope helps

If you’re running an older release of the software try updating the latest
patch release from the “My Downloads” section of your account.

In my case I went to storyboard pro preference tab, then advanced, and under openGL section I turn off “realistic preview while drawing”, now no more straight lines when I draw a circle, all smooth