issu export in harmony premium 12, only *.mov is working

I started using harmony few days ago. I have an issu with the export: when I select the movie option in the export window, I can select various codecs, animation, mpg4, h264 etc… But it doesn’t seems to be effective, because it’s always the h264 which is the export format, and my export file is always a *.mov, and that no matters the format I choose and the options I select.
Adding to my first issue, the colors are darker once exported in the *.mov file… I think that for that issue I’ll find topics here but for the first I failed.

I think it’s always a .mov container filled with video data using the codec you specified. If you check the video codec info with VLC is it really always H264 if you choose a different codec?
There is a gamma bug in Quicktime that causes videos to be played with different colors. If you want to resolve it you can go on loooong a google search journey to find out how to fix this. Since it’s player related I kinda gave up on that.

All this being said, you shouldn’t use Harmony to export the final version of your film. The best way is to make a high quality export (like an image sequence) and then stitch everything together in a video editing software. Those have much better export options.

Yes! I am having the same issue.

It always defaults back to the H.264 setting.

I’m trying to export a PNG codec with a transparent background, but nope… it just exports another H.264 file.


I have the same problem, here at the studio.

I just find something in the pref files (xml files, located in the usa_db, under each user folder)

there is a group of nodes named “EXPORTMMX_ XXX” which seems to be the exports prefs.
The users who have problems with exporting doesn’t have any node named like this, or its value is empty.

If I copy those nodes from one user to another, it’s seem to solve the issue.
I don’t know why for some user, Harmony doesn’t write the data in the file by itself.

Hope that will help.